Copyright Declaration

If you are somehow able to make money out of these works, you are welcome to use them, just give me the half of what you get. Otherwise, feel free to copy, share, alter or remix them, but give proper attribution. And let me know what you do with them, I would love to see.

Oğulcan Ekiz

Photographer and copyright law scholar from Turkey based in London. Ekiz is currently a PhD candidate at Queen Mary University of London, conducting empirical research on photography and copyright law in the UK, titled ‘The (Impossible) Journey of Photography: How Copyright Affects Meaning-Making in the Process of Circulation’ (working title). His artwork have previously been exhibited in Istanbul, Amsterdam, and London. His collages are currently represented by FAM Illustrations, an Istanbul-based illustration agency. He was a third-stage finalist in FOAM Talent 2019. He is on advisory board of Art/Law Network, an UK-based organisation focusing on interdisciplinary practices on art and law. He is conducting interviews with photographers for EEP Berlin Magazine.

Group Exhibitions

2020 – Copyright Took a Day Off – Festival For Alternative Art Education, London (forthcoming)
2019 – Layer Zero & Do I Dare – FOAM Talent 2019 (Third-Stage Finalist)
2019 – Layer Zero – ‘Stop’ Exhibition at Istanbul Comics & Arts Festival, Istanbul
2019 – Layer Zero – FAM Illustrations Opening Night at Bomontiada, Istanbul
2019 – Conversation with Repressed Movement – Media (Im)Possibilities: The Function of Progress at Nişanyan Kütüphanesi, İzmir
2018 – Do I Dare – Athens Photo Festival (Shortlisted)
2014 – Gezi – A Day in the Part Exhibition at Mediamatic Amsterdam, Amsterdam (In collaboration with 140journos)
2012 – Soundspace – First Istanbul Design Biennial ¬at Istanbul Modern, Istanbul (In collaboration with the Institute of Creative Minds)

Photography Publications

2018 – The Birds – Light Journal Issue #9
2018 – Orhun – Light Journal Issue #9
2018 – If On a Winter’s Night – Güneşe Türkü Album Booklet
2017 – Untitled – Light Journal Issue #5
2017 – The Process of Formation of Living Beings – Orta Format, Update #23